Pastor David is the Senior pastor of Cartersville Outreach Ministry in Cartersville, Georgia. Even though he grew up in a Christian home, he didn’t always follow the ways of the Lord. He became hardened to the things of God. As a police officer and investigator for the City of Cartersville, the things he saw made it worse, and his life became full of chaos. Then he had a life changing encounter with the Lord and was told, “Come out from among them or be judged with them.” David knew this was a warning from God to repent and get his life in order. He obeyed and started seeking God’s will for his life. The Lord changed his heart and gave him a great compassion for the lost – along with loving boldness. He began witnessing to fellow officers, inmates in the jail and anyone the Lord put in his path. In February of 2018, David was appointed Deputy Chaplain of the Bartow County Jail. He now ministers to thousands of men and women, and many are repenting and turning to God, being healed and instantly delivered from addictions. As the Lord leads, he also ministers in other churches and transitional centers. He and his wife Carly recently celebrated 23 years of marriage and have been blessed with 12 children.

Michael (Mishie) Bojczuk grew up in the streets of Chicago. At a young age he found himself involved with the neighborhood gangs and gangsters. He was presented with the gospel when a former gang leader got saved and gave him the Gospel of John to read. It penetrated his heart and he gave his life to Jesus. Life became difficult when his wife divorced him, but he stayed close to the Lord. After remarrying in 1978, he and his wife Lynn, served faithfully in church and in 1992 they followed the Lord’s direction to go to Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After he graduated in 1994, they felt led of the Lord to come to Georgia with another pastor and his wife to help start a church. From there he ministered as pastor of Rome Word of Life church for 6 years, and in 2014 he and David started Cartersville Outreach Ministry where he serves alongside his son as associate pastor.

Pastor Trey was a troubled young man who had grown up in church. He started using drugs at an early age and was continually getting into trouble with the police. He tried to stop using drugs but was unable to in his own strength. When he went to Valley Rescue Mission, a transitional center near Columbus, Georgia, he was finally able to overcome his addiction through the knowledge and power of Jesus Christ. After graduation, he came back to Cartersville and started attending Cartersville Outreach Ministry. He knew Pastor David in the past, because they had crossed paths as Police Officer and lawbreaker. But he was not the same man as before. His strong desire to please the Lord and his diligent study of the Word of God has brought about a remarkable change in his life. He is now married, has two children, and serves as associate pastor in the church.

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